The Operator fatigue monitoring system monitors the operator using advanced  sensors to determine if the operator is distracted or tired. Using advanced algorithms the unit is able to detect the operators face and monitor his facial features.

Fatigue in the mining industry is a deadly and costly combination. Operator Fatigue Monitoring technology helps determine fitness for duty, and protects machine operators and drivers.  Reducing the number of workplace accidents, not only improves the health and safety of employee’s, it also helps maximise productivity.

NEXUS is an advanced Fatigue and Distracted driving management system. Designed for industrial applications to improve safety.

Monitoring operator fatigue and distraction allows mining and industrial operators to be more safe and productive but reducing fatigue or distracted operator related incidents.


dotNetix is concerned with machines in ‘mission critical’ applications, where accidents are unacceptable and where safety can be enhanced through monitoring of the human operator, driver or pilot who is ultimately responsible.


Audible alerts are created for the driver while real-time remote alerts can be analysed  for fatigued or distracted operators.

A machine-learning algorithm leverages this facial-feature analysis data to-determine whether or not an alert should be triggered. Nexus works in both light and dark conditions, and through prescription glasses or sunglasses.

Upon event detection:

•In-cab alarms are activated (speaker and/or seat vibrator)

•An event is created and stored locally on the NEXUS Computer

•Event data and clipped video are synchronised with NEXUS Integrated Analytics Software Suite

Your Benefits

•Increases operator productivity

•Reduction in incidents and accidents

•Increases operator awareness, reducing fatigue related hazardous behaviour for a safer mine environment

•Increases equipment availability

•Reduces direct and indirect operating costs

Operators are immediately aware when they have become susceptible to a fatigue or distraction event through the Nexus system. Upon hearing the audible alarm or sensing the seat vibrator, the operator is able to take the appropriate action to regain control of their equipment and senses.

Data is communicated to ClearView through the built-in WiFi or external GSM modem. All fatigue or distracted related alerts are sent to ClearView in real-time including an image of the operator providing valuable feedback to the control room. 

The built-in GPS provides location information on fatigue events allowing the operator to isolate fatigue related problems. 

All communications are real-time where fatigue events are escalated through SMS, Email and Telegram to the personnel that is responsible for safety. This allows further action to be taken and save valuable lives. 

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