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EDGEYE - Void and Berm Detection

What is EDGEYE

EDGEYE is an advanced machine vision berm and void detection and warning system for industrial machines. It uses advanced stereoscopic (3D) vision combined with Machine Learning to detect the BERMs and VOID.


EDGEYE is able to differentiate between the BERM, VOIDs, PEOPLE and Other MACHINES that provides a comprehensive safety system that assists operators during standard operations.

Wide field area detection
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EDGEYE is truck mounted and easy to install and to maintain.

EDGEYE provides audible and visual warning to the operator.

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EDGEYE can easily be integrated into SAFEYE to provide a comprehensive safety system for mining and construction machines.

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3D Machine Vision System

Depth Perception


Accurate Ranging to detected objects

Front, Rear and Side coverage

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Multi-Camera Controller



4 Cameras can be connected

4x Relay Outputs

CAN bus output

Camera controller

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7" Display
Warning system

Audible and  Visual Feedback


Audible feedback to the driver

Clear display that indicates hazards and field of view.


No Tags

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No Interference

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Reduced Accidents

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Artificial Intelligence

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