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DotNetix is committed to improving the safety of pedestrians and workers in their working environments 

SAFEYE is the first long range intelligent machine vision system for industrial machines that can distinguish between pedestrians and other objects and provide adequate warning to operators in the event of people in close proximity to the machine or in blind spots. 

SAFEYE reduces the risk of accidents between pedestrians and machines. 

DotNetix has been leading the development of intelligent Collision Avoidance Systems for mining and construction sites. DotNetix is committed to improving the safety of workers in their working environments whether operating in mining, industrial or construction.

The cost of an accident to any business is severe. DotNetix's pedestrian and machine detection and warning system reduces risk where machines and pedestrians interact. The SAFEYE system drastically reduces the risk of fatalities and injuries on any industrial site whether in mining, construction, logistics or for other industrial machines. 

DotNetix is a leading provider of advanced Deep Learning technologies and products, offering scalable solutions for companies that requires new methods and technologies to solve industrial safety problems.

Our Deep Learning technology in SAFEYE has improved performance over other systems on detection accuracy and reliability. This is crucial for industrial applications where quality of detections and low false alert rate is required in a cost effective solution. 

NEXUS is a machine vision based operator fatigue monitoring solution that assist industrial sites to monitor fatigue, but also prevents fatigue related accidents


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